Welcome to Frienddi!

At Frienddi, we take our users' privacy very seriously. This Privacy Policy explains the type of information we collect, and how we use and protect that information, including how we collect and share information with third parties, such as Foursquare.

Please carefully read this Policy along with the Frienddi Terms and Conditions of Use (Terms). When you access or use the Frienddi website (Website), or download and install the Frienddi mobile application (App), you agree to this Policy and you consent to our collection, storage, use and disclosure of your personal information as described in this Policy and our Terms - so it's a good idea to read them first!

Please make sure you check this Privacy Policy regularly, as Frienddi reserves the right to change the Policy any time and without notice. By continuing to access or use Frienddi after those changes become effective, you agree to be bound by the revised Privacy Policy.


1. Information Frienddi collects


When you sign up to Frienddi using your Facebook account, we collect the following:

  • name,
  • email address,
  • Facebook account profile picture,
  • gender,
  • birthday,
  • how many friends you have on Facebook, and
  • a timestamp.

We collect all of the above information automatically as part of the Facebook sign up process. If you want us to take down this information, please contact our support team.


Every time you log in to Frienddi, our computers automatically collect log and usage data, such as:

  • your geographic location (specified by latitude and longitude - for more info, see "Location Data" below);
  • your IP address;
  • browser type;
  • Internet service provider;
  • platform type;
  • the MAC address of the device you are using;
  • the referring domain;
  • pages visited (including access times);
  • search terms; and
  • if you log in through an ad identifier: information about the relevant advertisement, a timestamp showing the time you connect, and your device type.

If you are logging in to the mobile App, we will also collect:

  • your mobile carrier;
  • your device's address book and contact lists in order to offer you certain features of our Services (if you permit us to do so);
  • your UDID or Open UDID, the identifier for vendor, and the identifier for advertiser (if you are using an iOS platform); and
  • your Android ID, your mobile equipment identifier, and your input method editor (if you are using an Android platform).

Visiting the Frienddi Website

If you just visit the Frienddi Website without signing up for an account, firstly you're mad! And secondly, we will place session ID cookies on your computer (but we do not collect any personal information). For more information about cookies, please see the "Cookies" section below.

Location Data

In order to provide our features, we record the location of our users to determine their proximity to each other and prioritise virtual meet-ups between those who are in the same area and share interests - cool huh? When you use the App or Website, we automatically collect information about your device's geolocation data (including the "background" information), WiFi access points as well as other location information about your longitude and latitude - normal technical stuff. This information may be shared with us even when you are not directly interacting with the App so your Frienddi experience is the best it can be!

This location information helps us identify your real-time physical location so that it can be displayed and shared with other members choosing to view "nearby" users. The information may be time-stamped so other users can tell when you visited a location. Also, when you check-in to a location, we will display this information so users can see that you have visited that place - so make sure you check into all the cool places you go! We may also use your device's geolocation information to personalize the App and make it easier for you to interact with other users.

Your location history (including places you have checked in) will be saved, so that you and other users can look back at all these locations you have visited since you signed up to Frienddi. If you decide to delete your account, your entire location history will be removed from our database.

You need your location services to be active to make the most out of the Frienddi experience. If you do not want your location to be known, please do not use Frienddi when you are on your mobile device. If you wish to switch off location services, follow these simple steps:

iPhone app — settings > location services > off
Android — profile > privacy > on

Be warned, if you disable these location services, you won't have access to our clever "Places" feature on Frienddi that enables you to see other users. Even if you have disabled location services, we may still determine your city, and country location based on your IP address (but not your exact location).

We use third parties such as Foursquare to provide data on which the location information and recommendations on Frienddi are based. When doing so, we receive and use data of Foursquare's users, and we share data with Foursquare for use by Foursquare for its own purposes. For more information on how Foursquare treat data, please see https://foursquare.com/legal/privacy/.


When you visit Frienddi, our computers collect information by placing cookies on your computer or mobile. Frienddi uses cookies and local storage devices for a number of important reasons, including to ensure the security of our site, to provide you with features you have requested and to analyse how members and visitors use Frienddi.

As many of you are probably more familiar with the edible kind, we thought we'd explain the type of cookies that we refer to. A cookie is a piece of text stored on your computer or mobile by your web browser. They are a tool that stores information about website visits, recognises you and your preferences each time you visit Frienddi, and ensures site functionality and enables us to provide the services our members request - they're very clever little things!

When you visit the publicly available sections of Frienddi, a session ID cookie is placed on your computer that only lasts while you're visiting. We also place persistent cookies (also known as local storage devices) on users' computers, so that Frienddi remembers them and makes their login experience faster and easier. We may use persistent tracking cookies on your mobile device, mainly for security protection purposes, such as to prevent phishers, scammers, unauthorised log in attempts, and to help you access your hacked account. We do not use any information whilst you are logged off.

In some cases, the site feature you choose may allow a third party to place cookies or local storage devices on your computer. The third party who places cookies on your device is responsible for how they process their data and Frienddi recommends that you read their privacy policies too, although they're probably not as fun as ours!

If you do not want all of your Frienddi activities to be stored, you may set your browser and mobile settings to block cookies and local storage devices, but please remember that if you do so, you may not be able to access all the features we offer and get the true Frienddi experience.

Below is a list of the cookie functions Frienddi uses and why they are used.

  • Security and site integrity We use cookies and other devices, such as CAPTCHAs, to help keep Frienddi and our members safe and secure from the bad guys. These cookies do things like protect Frienddi users from spam and fraud.We may use persistent cookies, which will help us to ensure we have identified the same device is logging into the correct account. They help our Frienddi users keep their accounts as secure as possible. These types of cookies also help with our anti-spam measures and may help us to prevent phishers, scammers, unauthorised log-in attempts to your account and accessing any hacked accounts.
  • Authentication These cookies help us to identify our members so that when you're logged in, you can enjoy all of Frienddi's offerings, experiences and various features, such as uploading photographs, chatting and can localise your experience, such as when you've requested to view Frienddi's site in your local language or when you've asked Frienddi to ‘remember me'. These cookies also help to remember who invited you to join Frienddi so you can thank them eternally for introducing you!
  • Site features and services These cookies and local storage devices provide the functionality that our Frienddi members enjoy, such as uploading of photographs, chats, instant messaging, your account settings and your request to have Frienddi as your homepage or your search preference. We also use cookies to help provide experiences, such as links to other social media sites, social plugins and video content, including making it easier for you to share content between Frienddi with your other favourite social networks.
  • Performance We need to use certain cookies and local storage devices to ensure our members have the best possible experience, such assisting with your navigation of our site, ensuring pages load up quickly and respond faster to your requests for Frienddi services.
  • Analytics and research Frienddi uses Google Analytics to collect information about how visitors use the Frienddi site. We use the information to compile reports and to help us improve the site. The cookies collect information in an anonymous form, including the number of visitors to the site, where visitors have come to the site from and the pages they visited. For more information about Google's privacy policy, please visit http://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/

Other types of information we collect:

Invite Friends - We know that Frienddi is pretty cool, that's why we enable you to invite your friends to join, by importing your contacts or searching your Facebook friends. When you import your contacts, we store their name and email address or their mobile number so that we can automatically connect you and your friends. If you want to add friends through your Facebook account, we will collect your friend's Facebook ID and name.

We may send an email or Facebook invitation from Frienddi in your name or you can send an SMS (if you use our Android or iPhone app) to your friends and contacts encouraging them to sign up to Frienddi. Frienddi is even more fun once your friends are involved! If any of the individuals you have invited do not register within a few days, Frienddi may occasionally send reminder emails on your behalf to those individuals - we don't want them to miss out on the Frienddi experience. You can choose to invite all your friends or only a select few by simply unticking the names of those friends you do not wish to invite, the more the merrier! But, please remember you must not invite any children to join, it's adults only.

You are responsible for ensuring that your friends have agreed to receiving a Frienddi invite.

Social Media - If you have registered on one of our partner websites, such as Facebook, or if you want to connect your social media account to your Frienddi account, your profile will be available to all users of the Frienddi social network whether via our site or our partners' websites. When your social media account is connected to your Frienddi account, you explicitly consent to the ongoing release of data about you from the social networking site or application.

If you do register through a Frienddi partner, you are also giving that partner personal information. Frienddi has no control over how they use that information, so please check their privacy policies.

Depending on how you register as a Frienddi user or verify your account (such as through Facebook or a partner website) it may mean your Frienddi profile is connected with that partner profile or website. Sometimes, we may introduce more new products in our Frienddi group of companies.

Once you have created a Frienddi profile through one of our partner websites, Frienddi cannot remove the link to your profile on the partner website. If you wish to do so, please visit the application settings on your partner website profile and follow the instructions to remove the Frienddi access permissions, again, this is pretty straight forward.

Messages, comments, posts - When you chat with other Frienddi users or leave comments, we will collect the text of your chat session, any pictures you've sent or shared, and a timestamp to make sure nothing is lost. We know how funny it can be reading through old conversations!

Under 18 year olds - Frienddi is for people aged 18 and over. That means Frienddi does not knowingly collect any information about children, minors or anyone under the age of majority. Nor do we knowingly market to children, minors or anyone under the age of 18. If you are less than 18 years old, we request that you do not submit information to us and come back when you're old enough - we'll be waiting. If we become aware that a child, minor or anyone under the age of 18 has registered with us and provided us with personal information, we will take steps to terminate that person's registration and delete their profile information from Frienddi. If we do delete a profile because you violated our no children rules, we may retain your email and IP address to ensure that you do not try to get around our rules by creating a new profile. You can't get around us that easily!

Third party platforms - While you use Frienddi, platforms such as the Apple App Store or Google Play Store may collect information about you or receive information from us. You should carefully review the terms of use and privacy policies of these platforms and any other platforms you use to access Frienddi.

Links - We may keep track of how you interact with links available on Frienddi, such as third party services and clients, by redirecting clicks or through other means. We may share aggregate click statistics such as how many times a particular link was clicked on, which is all for the benefit of your experience on Frienddi.

2. Uses of the information collected

Frienddi uses information collected for the following purposes:

  • provide you our services and features;
  • contact you with information about Frienddi (e.g., updates and new offerings. These emails may contain code that enables us to track your usage of the emails. If you prefer not to receive such emails, you can unsubscribe by following the link in the relevant email);
  • show your location to Frienddi users;
  • personalize Frienddi and improve the content we deliver to you and your experience using Frienddi;
  • promote and advertise Frienddi;
  • where you permit us to do so, link you to your friends and contacts;
  • conduct research and analytics about how you use and interact with Frienddi;
  • respond to your feedback and resolve disputes between you and other users;
  • investigate fraud;
  • protect our legal rights;
  • enforce our Terms & Conditions; and
  • for any other purpose stated in this Policy.
  • When you give us your consent to disclose your information.
  • For industry analysis and demographic profiling and to deliver targeted advertising about other products and services.
  • We use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our Website or App. These companies may use information about your visits to this and other websites or applications in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you, such as: device ID information, IP address, http: header information, location (including longitude/latitude), age, gender and unique device IDs. The companies use this information to identify downloads of Frienddi through an advertisement. It's important that we know whether our advertising efforts are working or not. As part of this, we do not provide names, user names, phone numbers, or email addresses.
  • Frienddi cooperates with all law enforcement inquiries, court orders and third parties to enforce their intellectual property or other rights.
  • If Frienddi or any of its affiliates undergoes a business transition or change of ownership, such as a merger, acquisition by another company, re-organisation, or sale of all or a portion of its assets, or in the event of insolvency or administration, we may be required to disclose your personal information.
  • We may share information with service providers who are working with us in connection with the operation of our site or our services.
  • To enforce or apply this Privacy Policy, our Terms and Conditions of Use or our other policies or agreements.
  • Where we determine in our sole discretion disclosure is required to protect the rights, property, or safety of Frienddi, our users, or others.
  • Frienddi may also use anonymous, statistical or aggregated information collected on the Services, in a form that does not enable the identification of a specific user, by posting, disseminating, transmitting or otherwise communicating or making available such information to users of the Services, to the Services' providers, partners and any other third party.

Frienddi does not sell your, or your friends', email addresses, mobile numbers or use them to send any other communication besides email invitations. The friend may contact Frienddi to request the removal of their information from our database by visiting the Feedback page. Any such request will only apply to addresses or mobile numbers we have at the time of the request and not to any addresses that the member/user provides to us later.

Other Frienddi users

Other Frienddi users will see your user name, location, and any information you post on your Profile, including photos. Any information you choose to provide should reflect how much you want other Frienddi members to know about you - it can be as little or as much as you like. For more information, please read the "Security" section below.

You may only use other Frienddi users' information to meet new friends and make new contacts. It is strictly prohibited to use other users' information for commercial purposes, to spam, to harass, or to make unlawful threats. Frienddi reserves the right to terminate the accounts of those who misuse other users' information or who otherwise violate the Terms and Conditions of Use. If you break the rules, you're out, sorry!

Customer Support

If you contact our Customer Support team, we will receive your email address used to submit your query, and may track your IP address as well as the information you send to us to help resolve your query. We will keep records of our communications with you, including any complaints that we receive from you about other Frienddi users (and from other users about you) to make sure you're well looked after.

3. Security

Frienddi has implemented commercially reasonable and appropriate security measures such as secured servers using firewalls to protect and prevent the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information under our control, including your personal information. Good luck getting past us, bad guys!

While we take reasonable precautions against possible security breaches of our Website, App, member database and records no website or Internet transmission is completely secure and we cannot guarantee that unauthorised access, hacking, data loss, or other breaches will never occur. We urge you to take steps to keep your personal information safe (including your password) and to log out of your account after use, even when you're in a rush. We want our users' accounts to be as secure as possible. Once we have received your information we have procedures and security features in place to try to prevent unauthorised access. For more information please see "Security Tips" below.

Public information

Anything you post or submit to Frienddi may be publicly accessible (even by non-users of Frienddi). For example, to make it easier to find other Frienddi users and connect with them, we have allowed you to share other users' profiles on Facebook. This feature can be turned off in your settings at any time. You can also use our electronic messaging system, which allows you to communicate with other users.

We recommend and encourage you (and all our Frienddirs) to think carefully about the information they disclose about themselves. We also do not recommend that you put email addresses, URLs, instant messaging details, phone numbers, full names or addresses, credit card details, national identity numbers, drivers' licence details and other sensitive information in your profile which is open to abuse and misuse. Make sure you use Frienddi safely.

Sensitive information

You may post information such as your religious denomination, health details, sexual preferences and ethnic background if you choose to. While you may voluntarily provide this information to us, there is of course no requirement to do so. Please remember that photographs or any video clips that you post on Frienddi may reveal these kinds of sensitive personal data so please be careful. Where you do upload and choose to tell us sensitive information about yourself, you are explicitly consenting to our processing your information and making this public to other Frienddirs.

Security tips

When you post information about yourself or use the messaging, the amount of personal information you share is at your own risk. If you post anything or use the Website or App in a way that is inconsistent with our Terms and Conditions of Use, we reserve the right to terminate your account, so please behave. For more information, please see "Managing your Information".

Below are some tips to ensure the security of your Frienddi account:

  • Please make sure you log out of your Account after use.
  • Please don't share your Frienddi password or social media password with anyone else.
  • Change your passwords periodically.

4. Storage of information

Frienddi operates through servers in various countries worldwide, including the United States. Please note the standard of storage and processing of your personal data may differ from the data protection laws in your country of residence. By accessing the Website or App, or by making use of the Frienddi services, you are agreeing to the transfer of your personal information to, and storage and processing of your personal information in, any such countries and destinations.

If you have not signed in to Frienddi for three months, we may remove your profile as part of our data cleansing process, so be careful not to become too inactive. For information on what happens to your data when you delete your profile, please see "Managing your Information" below.

5. Managing your information

Once you register, you will be able to review and change much of your personal information from your "Settings" page. To request any other modifications to your information, please contact the customer support team who will be happy to help.

You may, depending on where you live and the laws that apply, be able to exercise a right of access to personal information Frienddi holds about you by asking for a copy of the information (for which, where allowed by law, we may charge a small fee). Please put any such request in writing to our customer support team.

We know that some of you probably receive crazy amounts of emails, so if you choose to, you can opt out of receiving marketing or promotional emails and push notifications from us by following the link in those emails or amending your preferences in the "Settings" Page. If you opt out of marketing messages, you may still receive emails from us about your account, our services and other pertinent information related to our awesome services.

Your Frienddi account is non-transferable and any rights to your profile or contents within your account will be cancelled upon your death.

We're sure you'll love Frienddi, but if you do ever want to delete your account, you can do so either by:

  • Signing into your Frienddi profile and deleting your profile on the "Settings" page.
  • Contacting our Customer Support team.

When you delete your account we will deactivate it for 30 days - just in case you change your mind and wish to return to Frienddi (which we're sure you will!). No user will be able to search for you on Frienddi but they may still see your profile from direct cached links. We will save your profile information during this time.

After these 30 days, your Frienddi account is permanently deleted. Other data is deleted by us over a longer timescale, by way of housekeeping on a periodic basis. You should only delete your account if you are certain you never ever ever want to restore it. We may keep information that we deem in our sole discretion necessary to make sure a user does not open a new Frienddi account in breach of our Terms and Conditions and all applicable laws.

Even after deletion of your account or if you remove information from your profile, third parties may be able to view copies of that information to the extent such information has been previously shared with others, or copied or stored by other users or to the extent such information has been shared with search engines. We cannot control this, nor do we accept any liability for this. If you have given third party applications or websites access to your personal information they may retain such information to the extent permitted under their terms of service or privacy policies.

Effective date: 21 August 2017